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11-14-05 7:47pm EST
Chicken was good! We had Daddy's cheese soup tonight. I liked it but I'm not sure about celery, its mushy but a little crunchy too. Mara and Daddy made me some vanilla pudding. I love pudding!

11-12-05 1:39pm EST
Daddy has finally revamped my webpage. What do you think of the new look? My first Halloween was terrific! We went Trick-Or-Treating at the Dulles town center. I was Yoda and Daddy was Degobah Luke. Mara dressed up as a vampire princess. We got lots of candy, but Mommy won’t let me have any yet. Daddy did let me have two licks of a sucker though. That was yummy! I’ve started eating so much more now. Today I’m going to try some chicken! I’m really excited, I bet its yummy.

8-16-05 8:43pm EST
Wow, it’s been a very long time since I updated. New pictures are up, Shaggy and Ya-ya came to visit. Pop-pop is coming to see me at the end of the month. Lots has happened, I got very sick at my 4 month check-up. That’s when we stopped writing. everyone was very worried about me, but I am all better now. Mary next door is going to watch me while Mommy and Daddy pick Pop-Pop up from the airport. For Mommy’s birthday I sat up. I haven’t done it on my own since, but if Daddy sits me up I can stay up for a while on my own. I am eating lots of food now, my first food was rice cereal, then peas and onto squash. Now I’m getting all kinds of things, bananas, apples, wheat cereal and tomorrow I’m going to try carrots.

Love you all, Aurra

3-31-05 11:29pm EST
Finally an update. We went to North Carolina last weekend. I got to meet my Pa (mommy's granddad) and Gigia (mommy's mommy). It was a very long drive. Daddy is off this week to take care of me and find someone to watch me when he goes back to work. So far he hasn't had any luck. He has to work too early for everyone. My big sister is with us this week. Mara has been helping daddy take care of me lots. She shakes my Tigger for me so I can hear the rattle. I like that lots.

3-20-05 8:03pm EST
Daddy got his other computer back together and is working on getting my Picasa Page updated. He said Monday night he should have something up.

3-19-05 8:53pm EST
Mara got here tonight and we opened the package from Ya-ya. There was an apron for Daddy and Mara. Mara's matched the pretty blanket Ya-ya made for me. There were some very nice bibs too, I'll have to spit up all over them soon.

3-18-05 4:45pm EST
Today I got my last treatment of arbuterol in the nebulyzer. My RSV is all gone. I go back to the doctor next Wed. for a check-up. Hopefully I'll be all better.

3-15-05 11:27pm EST
Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Mommy and daddy got colds and I had the sniffles. They thought it was a cold too, then it got worse. I started wheezing and was having a heck of a time feeding. Mommy got worried and took me to the doctor on Friday. I have RSV. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm getting better. I got a nebulizer and had to use it every four hours. When we went back on Saturday they said every 6 hours is ok. We went again this morning and I am doing so well that I can wait 8 hours! I usually sleep through it but when I don't I like to squirm around. The mask is so big, don't they realize that us kids have tiny faces?
Daddy said he'll update my pictures soon. The computer he uses for them is in pieces right now and he is trying to restore a hard drive on it. Soon as its all better you all will have more of me to see.
While I was away and not updating I did get Daddy to set up an email address, if you want to comment on the page or just say hi you can email me!
Its almost time for my next nebulizer. I'll write more soon.

Love you all! Aurra

2-26-05 6:19pm EST
Mara and I got our picture taken today. The portraits will be in on March 18th. Just in time to miss Aunt Shaggy's birthday. We did lots of stuff today, we drove around and shopped. Daddy is carrying me around on his belly in a backpack. I think we look silly, but he likes it.

2-24-05 8:42pm EST
Mommy took me to her work today. I met lots of people who wants to hold me and poke me. I got passed around like a pipe at a Greatful Dead show. Then it started too snow. Daddy likes snow. We got 6" or so, I didn't get to play in it, maybe next winter.

2-22-05 5:39pm EST
Daddy and I fixed the links on the page. They will now take you to the pictures. You can also click on my picture above to take you there as well.

2-21-05 8:06pm EST
Now that I am two weeks old daddy says it is time for me to start updating my page. I have very small hands and little tiny fingers, so it may take me a while to get new updates out. Tonight we went out to get some stuff for daddy's new car. We also decided to buy back mommy's car so that while she is home with me if I get sick she can take me to the hospital.

Daddy put my seat in very secure and my big sister's new seat is in there too. She can see me when we ride, I miss her a lot. Tonight I ate 5 1/2 oz at once. I was so full and didn't need to burp. I burp lots like my Ya-Ya and Pop-Pop. Maybe they'll teach me to talk in burpese when I get older.
Daddy helped me put a couple new pictures on the Picasa page. The ones in the red jumper are from Valentine's day. The frog jumper is from today.
Well time for me to sleep, eat and mess my new diaper. Night everyone.

Love Aurra

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